Fireplace FAQs

Where can I buy a Capital fireplace?

A select group of reputable independent Fireplace shops have been authorised to sell our products. These outlets, we believe should provide an efficient, high quality service and be able to advise you on everything to do with your purchase. Click here to find your nearest stockist

Where can I find out more information about these fireplace products?

More detailed information can be found in our brochure, which can be downloaded from this website. Please see the contact and download page. Alternatively visit an authorised Capital Fireplaces Retailer.

Can I install the fireplace myself?

Fireplace installation is both complex and potentially dangerous. We strongly advise that you only use accredited installers who possess the necessary qualifications. All Capital Fireplace retailers will be able to advise you on all aspects of safe installation.

Can I select different combinations of components from those pictured?

Yes. There are many more possibilities available. Please go back to the home page and create your own combinations to see what they will look like, the programme lets you build your own fireplace by mixing items that are compatible with each other, It even lets you pick your chimneybreast size and colour. Alternatively any of the dealers listed on the stockist list will advise you on fitting and compatablity.

Will my chosen fireplace fit into my home?

This process can be complex. Firstly you must see if you have a working chimney. Secondly you will need to measure the width of the chimney breast to ensure your chosen product is not too wide. Thirdly, you need to establish the size of your "fire chamber" to determine if the product you have selected will fit into the space available. Some products in this brochure require different site conditions, especially where gas is to be used as the fuel source. We recommend you talk to your chosen Fireplace retailer who will quickly be able to establish what options are open to you.

Does the type of chimney I have determine the fireplace I can buy?

Yes. Older houses (pre 1960) generally have "Class 1" chimney’s which are larger and can accommodate most types of Fireplaces. However, their internal condition must be checked as they can sometimes deteriorate and may have to be lined. Newer houses can contain a variety of chimney systems, or possibly none at all. In these circumstances you will need to check with the Retailer to see which types of Fireplaces and fuel can be used.

How should I care for my new fireplace?

The materials used to build our Capital Fireplace products are of the finest quality. You will find Care and Maintenance instructions delivered with each complete Fireplace. Please ensure you ask the installer for these before he leaves your home

Is there any guarantee available?

Provided that the sensible precautions outlined in the Care and Maintenance instruction leaflet are followed, and provided that the products have been installed correctly and not misused, Capital Fireplaces will replace any faulty or defective product within a reasonable time limit. We ask that you keep your purchase receipt safe so that should there be a problem you can contact the Retailer who sold you the product. We will then be able to determine how we can help resolve any issue that might occur.

What is a Mantel?

A mantel comprises the legs, ‘header or frieze’ and shelf. Mantels are compatible with a range of interiors (referred to as inserts, backpanels or chambers). The Capital collection of cast iron, steel, brick and ceramic inserts have been designed to compliment all the Capital Fireplace mantels .

What is a Fireplace Suite?

A Fireplace Suite is a complete package made up of a Fireplace, Hearth and a Backpanel. There are a range of complimentary Gas & Electric fires to choose from including a range of convector fires that are the most efficient gas fires available to buy. Fireplace Suites are generally smaller in size than Fireplace Mantels. .

What is a Greencast?

Greencast products have been specifically designed with efficiency in mind and combine aesthetics with the most efficient gas fires available.

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